Denniston Ford

Denniston Ford

By Leonard Sparks

Posted Apr. 11, 2012 at 2:00 AM

SOUTH FALLSBURG — The partners who own South Fallsburg’s Trussbridge Farm took their 1-year-old farm’s name from the 115-year-old bridge across the road from their field.
Now David Markovits and Asher Rothman are proposing to give new life to the unused Denniston Ford Bridge, which crosses the Neversink River at an area long popular with swimmers and fishermen.

The pair want to establish a daily farmers market on its 193-foot span, selling not just their handiwork but products by local dairy, maple sugar and poultry operations.
“We were just looking at it every single day,” Markovits said. “We said, ‘Hey that’s the perfect farmers market.’ “

Trussbridge is hoping to open the market by Labor Day weekend and operate it daily. Markovits and Rothman envision selling their organic vegetables alongside other local farmers.

Poultry from Fallsburg’s Majestic Farms and maple sugar from Neversink’s Catskill Mountain Sugar House have been mentioned as options. So has Bethel’s Pelleh Farms, which sells nonpasteurized milk.

The market would fill a void in Fallsburg, which has no outdoor farmers market. Trussbridge is also hoping it will be more successful than its solo farm stand.
“We had a farm stand that was not much of a draw,” said Rothman, who handles the farming duties while Markovits concentrates on the business side. “It would be nice to be more of a destination.”

The wooden-deck structure, which carried traffic over the river beginning in 1897, has sat unused since a new two-lane bridge was completed in 2010. It was doomed by age, an insufficient 3-ton capacity and modern design standards.

Fallsburg’s Town Board discussed Trussbridge’s idea during a work session last week.
The board generally supports the plan as long as insurance and other issues can be resolved, said Supervisor Steve Vegliante.

“It seems like a really exciting idea,” he said.

Denniston Ford Application

Dennison Ford Bridge Rental

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75 and under $50 $150  
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